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Ah! hello! this is a start of a cooking/baking blog. I decided to put it apart from my personal one. If I didn’t everything would all be a muddle mess. Kinda like my cooking pot if I put all the ingredients available in the house (which would look pretty nasty). A note before I start this blog. I am not a professional. Far from it. I have been cooking, “real” cooking (ie: with ingredients not from a can, or anything processed) for almost a year or two. So yes. I am a total Noob. There are times when I have to ask silly questions that I should have known about when I first started with mom. (Although I bet you I wasn’t listening to her at the time).

Anywho. Where to start? well how about with things I like to make? desserts mostly. I hate frying things as I have this stupid irrational fear of oil splattering all over the place. I try to oven bake my food as much as possible..simply because I like the way it turns out and because it’s easier. Well, we all start somewhere right? I can tell you, one of the first things I made by myself was a boxed yellow cake. I know. Nothing to brag about. But with the circumstances at the time I thought it was a super feat. Now I only use those boxed things when I’m lazy or want to do something quick. I prefer to do things by scratch.

I have millions of recipes here at home at my disposal. I keep adding more and the only ones (that work well and ended up great) I keep I paste into a black notebook I have. Anyway. I think I babbled on long enough here. Hopefully you’ll find some recipes you’ll use and maybe I’ll get some in exchange. It’s all good to share 🙂

G’nite for now!