About Karoline

Aside from my rantings and bitchings on my personal blog I figured I should separate everything so my blog doesn’t look like it’s filled with mumbo jumbo. Anyway y0u probably figured it out. This is about cooking and baking. A passion I have just discovered quite recently. I learnt how to cook and bake at an early age – usually by being mom’s little helper.  I did not quite start liking it, and appreciating it when I started having to cook and bake more often because my mom became terminally ill (ie: I had to fill in for her as head chef in the family). She taught me just about anything there is to know about cooking and baking. The basics, and then moving on up from there. She taught me real appreciation for food and taught me to enjoy creating new dishes, adding this or that, omitting this or that. She taught me how fun it is to get new kitchen gadgets, to get your matching bowls and matching measuring cups. She taught me a lot of things, yet I feel as if she still had a lot more to tell me. Unfortunately, she couldn’t fight the illness no more and my lessons were cut short. However, I still like to cook, I still like to bake, and I still like to create things that look good and taste and smell good. Without her lessons and encouragement I’m glad I learnt from mom. Thanks mom. I think you’ll be proud of what I’m able to do now thanks to you. 🙂

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